Why You Have to Attend to Every Last, Tiny, Little Detail

Posted on November 12, 2011









Picture this: a soft drink cup or glass slightly stained because of tea.  Would you want to see that as a patron?  If not, why, as a server, would you bring one to a guest?   



Picture this: you have dirty plates in your hands and you stop at another table to ask them about the meal?  Do you think they find the half eaten dinners on those plates appetizing?  Probably not.    



The slightest thing can piss off a restaurant patron.  I could probably list an encyclopedia volume worth of complaints and grievances from patrons.  Those frustrations range from the service staff, the meal, the restaurant itself, the nearby patrons and more. And those are the simply the categories, not the annoyances themselves. As I said, I could probably go on for a while. 

The irritants fall along a broad spectrum. Some are loud, glaring and obvious. Others are minute or subtle. Some things may not seem like a big deal, but they are to a patron.  Some things are preventable. And some things you can fix. Then there are those things you cannot fix.

You may never get an answer as to why you got a bad tip or why someone never came back. Moreover, you may check on a guest or a manager may ask for feedback and get nothing.  You may never be made aware there was even a problem when there was one.

Since this is the reality, restaurant employees need to stay on top of every detail within their control and strive for perfection. Restaurant shifts are rarely flawless. You never know where you fall short but you know that you will, somewhere. The last thing you want is to fall short because of poor mechanics or a lack of discipline.






Therefore stay on top of all of your details, because the slightest thing can piss someone off, and you may never find out what it is. Don’t lose business or tip money you could have otherwise kept.

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