NYC Travels Part 1: Maximization

Posted on January 12, 2012


Around the corner from Watts St and 6th Avenue in Soho, stands Kool Bloo, a takeout stand.  During my three day visit, I walked by it several times.

The front of the building is extremely wide.  However, when walking by the building I realized it is not very deep.  I couldn’t tell whether it was 4 feet or 6 feet deep.  It doesn’t matter.

The restaurant consists of a place to cook and a place for the cooks to stand.  That is it.  No seats.  No lobby.  No open space.  Not a square inch is wasted on anything.

I cannot write a review on their food.  I am only writing because I found the layout of the building unique, a very wide storefront that was not deep.

While no restauranteur wants to waste space, effective use of space can differ based on location.  Manhattan is a place where you must use every square inch possible to generate revenue in lieu of open spaces for aesthetics or guest comfort.   In the tough New York environment, they are doing one thing really well: making great use of their space.

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