Defining the Server Friendly Restaurant

Posted on February 15, 2012


I remember working at one restaurant and early on thinking that it was not server friendly.  There were a lot of sections far away from the things servers need to be near: the kitchen, beverage stations, the bar, and POS machines.   Later on, I realized that the restaurant was not server friendly but guest friendly.  Everything the guest does not want to see was pushed to the corners of the restaurant.

I started making some good money at said restaurant.  My best night was in a three table section that was far from everything.  The section could be outside of the building of many restaurants.  I thought back to another place I worked at.  My record setting night there was in a three table section as well, and was as far from everything as you could possibly be.  There was a pattern here.

After realizing this, I thought about what server friendly means a little bit differently.  I still do not think that either restaurant was designed with the servers in mind.  However, since my record nights were in sections miles away from everything, I don’t believe server friendly really matters much.

At the end of the day, a server friendly restaurant allows you to succeed.  Forget about anything else.  If you can make good money in a good working environment you are at a server friendly restaurant.

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