Do Your Hospitality Staff Know the 3 Things They Are Selling?

Posted on April 9, 2012


In the hospitality and restaurant industry you are selling three things.  They are all intertwined.  You are selling your product and brand.  You are selling yourself.  You are selling the experience.

As stated before, all of these things are intertwined.  You cannot completely isolate any one attribute.  Your people are part of your product, brand and your experience.  Individually, they can be considered through the service professional.

The service professional is part of the guest experience.   People who go to full service restaurants and hotels are buying full service.  They want someone to pour their beer into their glass.  They want someone to carry their bags from door to door.  They want full service.

They are also part of the product and brand.   They smile.  They wear the white chef’s jacket, the shirt and tie, or the jeans and polo shirt.  They have the neat haircut or the fire engine red hair and tattoo sleeves.  They are as spicy as the hot salsa you serve or as exquisite as your rare Pinot Noir.  When it comes to your brand, the service professional is the icing on your cake.

Also, the brand relies on, and is shaped by, the service professional.  When the customers buy hospitality, they are buying people.   They are not buying their server.  They are buying Joe the college student working through school.  They are buying Mike the musician who makes contributions to the culture.  They are buying the Mom and Dad providing for their family.  Like it or not, good or bad, the customer is buying, or not buying, the service professional.

When considering restaurant sales goals, you must look at these three things.  If you are strong at these three things you will do well.  If you are weak in any of these areas, consider your numbers, but do not ignore your people.