Spend a Little More Time at Each Table

Posted on April 16, 2012


For a waiter or waitress wanting to make more money in tips, there are many small subtle ways to do so.  At one point during my tenure as a server, I made the switch from a casual dining restaurant to a casual upscale restaurant.  I knew the expectations of me and the service would be higher.  To be successful, I needed to focus on hospitality.

Demonstrating hospitality is the best way to improve service.  And the best way to demonstrate hospitality is to spend a little bit more time at each table.  Too often, restaurant staff rush through service.  This is everyone: restaurant managers, owners, and waitstaff alike are all trying to maximize the business that they can handle.  Sometimes, in the process, you sacrifice quality for quantity.

In order to avoid this trap, the successful server, waiter or waitress should spend a little bit of extra time greeting the guest, taking the order, and while checking back throughout the meal.   By doing so, you will have the opportunity to show genuine concern for the customer.   Should the customer feel appreciated, you have a better chance of earning repeat business and loyal customers, which is the ultimate goal.