For Stars, Every Customer is Their Best Customer

Posted on June 27, 2012


What qualities make a star performer in the restaurant industry?  There are many.  What makes up great service in a bar or restaurant? The little things.  The small details.  And those are always about hospitality.

One important aspect of hospitality is that every customer is your best customer.  Every customer needs to be treated like your best customer.  Great servers, bartenders, owners and restauranteurs know and understand this.

Recently, I was challenged to think of someone whose customer service was exemplary.  I thought of a friend of mine and a bar.  My friend would always go to the bar to eat and would always drink water.

Drinking water at a bar is not a fashionable move.  It is not cool.  For the bartender, serving water will get a chuckle from the other bar patrons.  The bartender has to maintain their demeanor and service with both groups.  Keep the drinkers drinking and in this case, keeping the eater happy.

And the bartender at this bar does a great job at that.  This customer is not the biggest tip, and not the most frequent customer.  Likewise this customer is not the worst customer.  This customer might as well be your average customer, who deserves the great service that everyone wants and hopes for.