A Contrarian Move: Ordering a Pilsner

Posted on July 20, 2012


The other night I went to a local restaurant for a burger.  This restaurant came highly recommended, served burgers with local beef, and  had local craft beer selections on tap.  All great things.

I decided to order a Pilsner.  Really, you say?  Not a dark heavy porter.  Not a bitter hoppy, pale ale.  A pilsner.

Why?  Three reasons.  I am not taking to the darker, heavier beers like I used to.  My affinity for ale seems to have gone somewhere else.  And the weather.  It’s July in the South and it is hot.  Pilsners and light lagers go well with the weather.

I may be alone in seeking out Pilsner beer.  But then I may not.  With all the beer makers focusing on everything else, is there room for a shift for a standard plain, lighter pilsner?   Maybe.  Who knows for sure.

I raise the point for one reason.  I look around and see a lot of saturation in the Restaurant and Bar Industry.  And there are only two fixes.  Be better or be different.  Be the best choice or be the only choice.  If possible do both.  Otherwise, you are just like everyone else.

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